HOW TO FIX XBMC/KODI iCEFilms PLUGIN FAIL - (December 2014) FIX 100% WORKING - WebTv

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HOW TO FIX XBMC/KODI iCE Film PLUGIN FAIL - (December 2014) FIX 100% XBMC/KODI FixXBMC IceFilms plugin solution if you are living in areas where your ISP blocking the IceFilms url. Follow the instructions to add the url to the IceFilms proxy configuration.URL: or icefilms.unblocked.pwor subscribe or comment or press like, that would help me allot to know how you feel about these tutorials.HOW TO FIX XBMC ICEFILMS PLUGIN FAIL SCRIPT FAILED ERROR FIXTVAddons install instructions - subscribe and share and check out my other videos.You can check out my updates onwebsite - www.husham.comAnd check out my other videos in youtube Donation